British Heart Foundation 'Shadows'

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The British Heart Foundation - It Starts With Your Heart 60" TV commercial
The British Heart Foundation briefed Mullenlowe London to come up with a new campaign to relaunch the brand and let people know its research extends beyond just heart disease. 
Through a creative concept called ‘Shadows’ viewers see the normality and irregularities of people’s blood flow in the circulatory system.
The 60" TV ad was complemented by animated digital outdoor, static outdoor and print advertising.
We were challenged to come up with a design solution that worked in conjunction with BHF's new branding for the print campaign to run alongside the TV and DOOH. Utilising three portraits, with circulatory systems overlaid where the subject is in shadow, the design makes the most of negative space and BHF red to draw the eye to the circulatory system and the connections between the various diseases that BHF researches.

Static 6sheets
Static 48sheet
ECD Mark Elwood
ART DIRECTOR Tom Elliot-Mell
DESIGN Augusta Lindquist
PRODUCER Josh Burley
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